Contracts Policies and Procedures

Ensuring that your employees have up to date and accurate employment contracts is key to maintaining a successful working relationship.

Contracts Policies and Procedures

As an Employer, you are required by law to provide each of your Employees with a Contract of Employment setting out the terms and benefits they are entitled to and what is expected of them.

The terms of the Employment Contract are binding upon both the Employer and the Employee and as such, ensuring that your Employees have up to date and accurate Employment Contracts is key to maintaining a successful working relationship.

We can advise you on the drafting of new contracts or, the reviewing of your existing contracts and provide advice on the key terms required. If necessary, we can assist you in with the inclusion of restrictive covenants to prevent Employees from competing against your business by working for a competitor or indeed themselves.

Ensuring your business has a legally compliant Staff Handbook, which includes all of your policies and procedures, enables you to deal with staffing issues inhouse without legal intervention.

Whether you need to update your handbook, or create a brand new one, we are able to assist and advise you on what you need to protect your business ensuring that the polices protect you from your unique risks.