Employment Tribunal Representation

We will provide you with a competitive estimate of costs for defending a claim at the outset and keep you regularly updated throughout.

Employment Tribunal Representation

If you find yourself facing an Employment Tribunal claim, having legal representation early on with the knowledge and experience to put forward your defence is a key to achieving a successful outcome.

We appreciate that every Employment Tribunal claim is unique and therefore we will discuss the strategy of the claim with you and continually review throughout the process.

You will be guided through the proceedings throughout the entire Employment Tribunal case, from the submission of an early conciliation request through to settlement negotiations or a full Employment Tribunal hearing.

We will be guided by you as to the route you wish to take and ensure that regardless of approach, we will always be proactive, commercial and support you through the process.

We know that the cost of representation is of paramount importance when facing a claim. We will always discuss with you the most commercially sensitive options and will assess the strength and weaknesses of your position as the matter progresses.

We will keep a close eye on the likely cost and benefit from the beginning and throughout.