Thinking about making your will? – Talk to your solicitor!

Making a will is one of the most important things you will ever do. The importance of getting this right cannot be over stated. Many organisations including banks, supermarkets and will writing companies offer will making services and there are even “will kits” encouraging a “DIY” approach to this vital task.

So why should you talk to your solicitor? James Bolton of Oldham Marsh Page Flavell solicitors provides three compelling reasons:



You get one chance to get your will right. Mistakes can be costly and cause your family considerable anguish. By instructing a solicitor, you will deal directly with the person who will actually prepare the document you will sign. Most other providers will ask you to complete forms or questionnaires which will be sent away for someone else to prepare your will. Indeed you may never see or even speak to the person making your will. This can inevitably lead to mistakes and misunderstandings.



A solicitor will not just write your will but can offer independent advice.By talking to your solicitor other issues can be identified which may affect how your estate is administered.Solicitors are experts in making wills having spent several years qualifying to practice law. “Will Writers” do not have to have any formal qualifications and a less qualified provider may miss a vital point which could have serious consequences for your family.


A solicitor will aim to give you good professional advice but occasionally things can go wrong. When this happens the clients of a solicitor are protected through the way they are regulated as all solicitors must have indemnity insurance to pay the costs of any mistakes.Unfortunately, Will Writers are not regualted to this standard and if there are problems there may be no way to put matters right.

Give your family the peace of mind that your will has been professionally prepared by an expert and talk to a solicitor. You can contact James at Oldham Marsh Page Flavell on 01664 563152

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