Boundary and Neighbour Disputes

Don’t let matters get out of hand and contact our specialist team at an early stage to prevent expensive disputes.

Boundary and Neighbour Disputes

We recognise that every dispute presents its own challenges and we will work closely with you to establish the best route to achieve your desired outcome. We all work hard to buy and maintain our homes and we appreciate that any dispute that you may have with a neighbour can be both stressful and time consuming.

We aim to quickly identify the key issues of a case and get to the heart of any dispute, meaning that we will provide you with clear and pragmatic advice to swiftly bring your case to a conclusion whilst obtaining the best possible outcome for you and your property.

As each case requires a different approach, sometimes our style is forceful, sometimes it is more measured. We pride ourselves on providing sound advice with a flexible and proactive service. Wherever possible, we try to resolve the issue rather than fuel a disagreement.

Types of problems;

  • Boundary Disputes, Trespass and Adverse Possession Claims
  • Rights of Way and Obstruction
  • Shared Driveways
  • Problems with high hedges, root damage and overhanging trees

These disputes are often factually complex within investigations as to the title of the property usually being required and the appointment of a surveyor may be necessary to provide expert evidence.

Settlement without litigation is particularly desirable in these cases, not only to avoid the associated expense, but also with a view to preserving good neighbourly relations if at all possible.