Gifts and Transfers

We will be able to talk you through the options available and decide what is the right thing to do in your circumstances.

Gifts and Transfers

There are many reasons why a property might be transferred to someone else, either as a gift or for money. It may be a result of a financial settlement following a divorce or separation or indeed, under the terms of a will when someone has died.

If you are thinking about a property gift or transfer, whatever the circumstances, please contact our Conveyancing team.

Often there are good reasons to transfer property but occasionally there may be unintended consequences such as when a property is given to children in the hope to save inheritance tax or, when a property is given away to avoid paying care home fees.

Our specialist team will be able to guide you through the process and highlight any potential issues.

We are also able to refer you to our other highly reputable teams such as wills, probate and family who can assist you with many other issues that are frequently associated with gifts and transfers.