Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection

Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney, also known as an LPA, is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone to act on your behalf should you become physically or mentally unable to manage your finances or make decisions about your health and welfare. We provide a trusted first-class service in a compassionate and professional manner.

We frequently help individuals, families and business owners with preparing property and financial affairs Powers of Attorney to ensure that decisions such as making or selling investments, running bank accounts and selling property can be made in the event of their incapacity.

If necessary, we can also act as Attorneys, particularly for property and financial affairs.

Court of Protection

If an individual lacks the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, such as their property and financial investments, and does not have a Power of Attorney in place, making a Deputyship Application to the Court of Protection can enable you to protect their interests on their behalf.

Whether you are caring for a vulnerable adult, child or elderly relative, it is important to seek legal advice when making Deputyship Applications. Deputyship Applications are often confusing and time consuming and we will support you through the process from beginning to end, helping you to overcome any challenges and providing you with expert assistance in a compassionate, caring and sensitive manner. Alternatively, we can provide a professional Court of Protection Deputy and make the application on your behalf. We have found that this can minimise friction between family members at what can be a difficult and emotional point in their lives.