Challenging a Will

The period after losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional time and can be made worse if there is a will dispute or uncertainty over an estate.

Challenging a Will

Seeking specialist legal advice at an early stage can be vital in resolving disputes, avoiding costly litigation proceedings and attempting to preserve relationships.

Whether you are a Trustee, an Executor or a Beneficiary, we will carefully guide you through the entire process. We tailor our approach for every claim or potential claim, based on its specific and unique circumstances and we will provide a balance of understanding and practical advice to ensure the matter is dealt with as smoothly as possible to reach the best resolution.

We appreciate that taking a claim to Court can be costly and as such we focus on resolving matters without the need for Court intervention where possible. However, if Court intervention is necessary, you can rest assured that we will fight your corner.

We can assist in investigating and advising upon the validity of a will and any associated issues with the capacity of the person who executed the will. We can also advise upon issues relating to the potential removal of an executor as appropriate and on whether there are good prospects of making a claim under the Inheritance Act, if the will has not made appropriate provision for a potential beneficiary.