Personal Injury

If you have suffered injury or illness following an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

Personal Injury

You may have suffered an injury at work or in a public place and if your claim has reasonable prospects of success and is likely to exceed £25,000.00 in damages, we can assist you, usually on a conditional fee basis or under the terms of existing legal expenses insurance cover.

Progressing a claim involves investigating and establishing liability, obtaining an interim payment of damages if possible, investigating rehabilitation needs and instructing experts and specialist barristers as appropriate. If you are receiving state benefits as a result of the injury that you have suffered, we may be able to assist you in setting up an appropriate trust to enable your damages to be held there without those damages affecting your ongoing entitlement to state benefits.

If matters cannot be resolved in correspondence with the other party then it is often possible to resolve the matter by way of a settlement meeting or mediation which are cost effective ways of resolving a substantial personal injury claim without taking the matter to a Court hearing.

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