Consumer Disputes

Consumer Disputes

When we purchase products, we expect them to work without fault and without causing injury. Consumer Rights and Defective Product claims are becoming more common as a consequence of the pursuit of greater profit over quality and manufacturing process.

Consumer rights are protected through legislation that places a legal requirement on suppliers of goods to meet required standards.

When an issue arises concerning the quality of goods, the general rule is that a consumer has a set time limit of 30 days within which to reject the substandard goods and request a full refund of the purchase price.

To obtain legal advice on your consumer dispute and to discuss the various ways in which a solution may be achieved, please contact us.

We will assist you in assembling the evidence that you need to help establish your claim and engage with the other party with a view to securing the appropriate remedy for you. A remedy is likely to be available under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

If your claim is likely to exceed £10,000.00, we can assist if appropriate in pursuing your claim through the County Court. If you succeed in such a claim, the normal order made by the Court is that you will recover a contribution towards the legal costs that you have incurred in pursuing the claim.